Noel Henry's Irish Showband

Left to Right: Larry Reynolds, Brendan Haley,
Caroline Henry Brennan, Paul Kenneally, and Tommie Henry

Noel Henry, who was born in Balla, County Mayo, came over to the United States in 1969 and worked as a solo musician in New York City for a few years before moving to Boston. It was at this time he recorded his first album, entitled "With a Little Help from My Friends".

In 1972, Noel was joined in America by his mother and father and his brothers, Mattie and Tommie. With Mattie playing bass guitar and Tommie playing drums, Noel formed his Irish Showband in 1974. The original band name was "Noel Henry & the Celtic Blues" and included Donnie Costello.

Over the years, the band has featured many talented musicians, including Paul Matinzi, Brendan Bulger, Brendan Haley, Caroline Doherty Roddy, and Larry Reynolds, who occasionally still plays with the band today.

Noel founded a business called Noel Henry Tours and began organizing tours with the band, which included Getaway Weekends, tours of Ireland, and cruises to exotic places like Bermuda, the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Europe, the Panama Canal, Australia, and the Greek Isles. Many of the band's followers attended these trips which always included entertainment by the band

In 1988, Noel was diagnosed with cancer and after a year of chemotherapy, he recovered and was able to return to the band.

In 1992, Mattie left the band to devote more time to his family and his growing record and video distribution business, Irish Records, Intl.

In 1994, Noel was told the cancer had returned. He remained hopeful that he would have a full recovery, and began treatments for the cancer. During his absence from the band, he added a vocalist, Caroline Doherty from Co. Derry, Ireland. Sadly, on January 31, 1995, Noel lost his battle with cancer. He is greatly missed by many friends around the world.

Since Noel's passing, the members of the band have been carrying on Noel's well-established tradition of fine entertainment.

Noel Henry's Irish Showband has been performing now for over 30 years and has achieved national and international success and popularity. They are best known around the Northeast, but several times a year they still travel to other major cities across the United States to visit and perform for the many friends they have made over the years.

The most recent addition to the band is Noel's eldest daughter, Caroline, who has been singing and traveling with the band since May 2004.

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Our Forever Friend
Our Forever Friend

How Can I Keep From Singing
How Can I Keep From Singing

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